Microsuction treatment

Microsuction - the safest solution to blocked ears.

Blocked ears can be extremely unpleasant and are almost impossible to self-treat safely. At the Clean Ear Clinic, we provide a quick, convenient and affordable treatment called Microsuction, which can remove wax and debris from your ear safely.


First, we will discuss your problem with you and then explain the procedure.

We will then gently examine your ear canal using a special microscope.

Then while looking down your ear canal with the microscope we will use a tiny vacuum cleaner to clear the blockage.

Finally, we will use the microscope to check the condition of your ear drum.

Microsuction is by far the most effective and safest way of cleaning blocked ears.

Microsuction is more effective than common alternative treatments such as ear syringing, which uses a jet of water to try and dislodge wax build ups. As well as removing more wax, Microsuction is not associated with the same potential side effects of syringing such as infection and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

Clearance of wax from the Ear - Microsuction